Lotus Cars – Chris Evans signs-off ‘Freddie’ Evora

News from Lotus on the ‘Freddie’ Evora auctioned off for Charity and bought by Chris Evans.

Broadcaster and car enthusiast Chris Evans visited Lotus yesterday to agree the final spec of the Evora S he bought at auction to raise money for Freddie Mercury’s charity Mercury Phoenix Trust.

At a glamorous, star-studded event at the Savoy last month, the great and beautiful gathered to mark the late Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday and boy, was it a party!  A guilt-free party at that, for at the heart of the celebrations was a very deserving cause, the Mercury Phoenix Trust who work relentlessly to improve education and awareness of HIV and AIDS in the developing world.

During the evening a bespoke ‘Freddie inspired’ Evora S was sold at auction to self–confessed “car geek” Chris Evans.  Chris’ well documented purchase was followed by a visit to Lotus Headquarters to agree the final design and specification of the new addition to his established and considerable car collection.

Chris’ visit was a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of Lotus, a real treat for any car-enthusiast and their son, little Noah also came along for the day!  First stop was the Design Studio, a secure and highly confidential area where all of Lotus’ future projects are safely guarded.  This was clearly an exciting opportunity for Chris and his enthusiasm extended into a session with the Lotus design team to put the final flourishes to his own Evora, to say Chris was “like a kid in a candy store” is no exaggeration!

The visit also included a tour of the Lotus production line where Chris chatted to staff, signed autographs and posed for photos which was a real treat for his fans here at Lotus HQ.  To thank Chris for supporting the Mercury Phoenix Trust and to make a memorable day even more special a track session was arranged.  We all had a great day and last night Chris sent us the following email, we thought you’d like to see what he thought of his day with us!

“Great day down with the guys at Hethel/Lotus HQ. I am officially especially excited over what I took a sneak peak at concerning certain future production cars. Time machine required – get them in the showrooms asap so the world can look on in wonder. And as for Gavan the test driver, he should be available on prescription. Woohoo!! I’d also like to thank Gino for his hospitality and muchos gracias to Russ and his design team for helping me spec the Freddie Mercury Tribute Evora S in the spirit with which it deserves. The initial purpose of my visit. There has been talk about a future go in an F1 drive-a-like. Count me in!

…P.S. Noah says he’s never had a more enjoyable time at a works HQ but then again he is only two and a half and it was his first one.”

When it comes to fan conversion, we at Lotus have one rule; get them while they’re young!!  Welcome to the club Noah!

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