Reviews of Lotus cars, written by SELOC members.

A day with the Exige S - 3A day with the Exige S – In the last year we’ve had the chance drive the new Exige S both on road and track, but when lucky forum member Andrew Swift (chevronb37) was offered a chance to try the car for 24 hours we couldn’t wait to hear what it was like to use in the real world….
Exige V6 on trackDriven: Exige S Track Test – In the last year we’ve been lucky enough to drive the new Exige S a couple of times thanks to the generosity of the likes of Lotus Silverstone and Bell & Colvill, and while we were hugely impressed we couldn’t help feel that with such an increase in performance it’s absolute best would be delivered on the track. So when Lotus asked if we’d like to try the car on their Hethel test track we couldn’t believe our luck.
Ephesus Elise S GaragedOwners Review – Lotus Elise S – Snick – snick from third to fourth like playing a one-armed bandit the three cherries on the rev counter all flicker for a instant in my peripheral vision but my eyes are focused on the sinuous B road and I’m constantly scanning ahead, recent floods have left the surface pock marked with craters. But beneath the concentration you can see on my face the faint outline of a grin – perfectly understandable because I am behind the wheel of my very own 2012 Elise S.
Lotus Exige S - EngineDriven: Exige S – When an email came through from Jamie asking if we’d like to borrow their Exige demonstrator for an afternoon all other plans were immediately cancelled, and 24 hours later I was pulling on to the forecourt to be greeted with a sight we’ve all been waiting a long time to see – a full production spec Exige S, fuelled up and ready to go.
Driven: Elise S (2012) vs. Elise SC (2011) – For over a year we’ve been without a high-end Elise in the European market, so when Bell and Colvill gave us the chance to try their new Elise S demonstrator head to head with it’s predecessor, the Elise SC, it was an opportunity too good to miss.
Test Drive: Exige S (2012) – It’s been a long time coming, but the dealer demo days have finally begun with Lotus stealing a single car away from the press fleet to give potential customers their first chance to experience the new V6-engined Exige S and hopefully persuade those still sitting on the fence to put their orders in.Unfortunately I’m not lucky enough to be in that position, but a quick email to Aimee at Lotus Silverstone later and a place was booked for a brief run out in the car, purely for research purposes of course.
Driven: Evora S and IPS – There’s been a lot of talk about the Evora lately, with rumours of facelifts, limited edition, race inspired, models, and a raft of detail upgrades and improvements for the MY12 cars .So when Jamie at Bell & Colvill sent news that they were hosting an Evora S open day I couldn’t resist the temptation to drop them an email to see if I could come along to have a drive, purely for research purposes of course….
Driven: Elise 1.6– Some have said that in moving to the new smaller engine Lotus have gone a step too far away from the original formula that made the Elise great, but having driven it I‘d have to disagree.You can tell in places that compromises have been made to improve the cars emission and fuel economy figures, but show it a good road and it can entertain just as well as any Elise I‘ve driven so far.


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SELOC Does The Lotus Driving Academy – Level 1The Lotus Driving Academy has already received great reviews from SELOC members, with Andibrook writing a piece on his experiences there for us last year. So when the offer came through courtesy of Paul Parkinson of Lipscomb Lotus for an exclusive SELOC day in early March for many it was an opportunity too good to miss….
First LoT Track Day at Blyton Park Proves a Success– The sun shone for the first Lotus on Track outing at Blyton Park last Sunday Feb 19th. Under enthusiastic new ownership, the old concrete surface of the airfield has been completely redesigned and replaced with tarmac, providing a deceptively fast and technical 1.6 mile circuit.30 cars turned up bright and early – mainly Lotuses, but also a 911 and a lovely TVR350T—which did make the most beautiful noise as it flew round.
Autosport International 2012 – Since it’s launch in 1991 the Autosport International show has grown to become one of the largest motorsport events on the calendar, attracting exhibitors across the full spectrum of motorsport, from F1 to Kart teams, along with a wide range of part suppliers, resellers and engineering firms. In recent years the show has also grown to incorporate the PistonHeads Performance Car Show, bringing with it modifiers and sports car manufacturers.
Essex Double Header Weekend – Friday lunchtime and nine cars pulled up at our usual meeting spot, Boreham Services, and this was the start of the Essex double header! A weekend away with like minded enthusiasts taking in a pair of French track days with Lotus-on-Track.
Castle Lotus (Hilton Moss) Open day, 15th October 2011 – The plan was hatched to arrange a run from Boreham services, Chelmsford in an attempt to get together a good turnout for Castle Lotus open day. I had planned a nice run through the Essex countryside to Stansted, Essex, and despite all the crap that’s associated with the ‘Only way is Essex’, which gives a totally misinterpretation of the County, the morning exceeded my expectations.
More Lotus Than Ever? A Roundup of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011– Once again it’s a large, international, motor show and Dany Bahar is up on the stage announcing 5 new models from Lotus.But unlike Paris last year this isn’t a far off statement of intent—a range of cars destined to gradually be launched as part of a 5 year plan—these, with the exception of the Evora GTE, are cars you can nip down to your local dealership, spec up and order for delivery in the next few months…
25th Annual Club Lotus Show at Donington – After a hiatus of a few years due to will they/won’t they hold a Grand Prix at Donington and all the associated building works (or lack of them!) the Club Lotus annual show returned to Donington for 2011, providing a perfect opportunity to window shop for your next Lotus, search for parts and memorabilia, or just catch up with friends from the Lotus fold.
SELOC@Snetts 2011– After a long build up and many, MANY, group u2us from Burt the time was finally upon us—the Lotus Festival and SELOC@Snetts 2011 had arrived.It certainly had a lot to live up to, with 2010’s gathering of Classic Team Lotus cars a high water mark on the Lotus landscape, but there was plenty to look forward to over the course of the weekend….
Nitron Factory Tour– For years Nitron‘s NTR range has been the default choice for those serious about further improving upon the Elise‘s legendary handling.So when Dave, owner of Seriously Lotus, came forward offering SELOC members a chance to visit Nitron‘s HQ in Witney, Oxfordshire, it was an opportunity that proved too good to miss for many.


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Elise S – Introduced in the Elise S at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, the use of the 2ZR-FE – which is not used in standard form by Lotus, and is instead combined with a Magnuson R900 supercharger (utilising Eaton TVS Technology) – sees the return of a true high performance Elise after the demise of the 2ZZ-GEdue to emission regulations.The first dealer deliveries of the Elise S are anticipated for mid-to-late January 2012.
Elise SPS – Launched alongside the Elise S at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, the Elise SPS adds the option of a semi-automatic gearbox to the entry Elise 1.6 and CR.
Elise CR – Based on the 2011 Elise with it’s 1.6l engine, the Elise Club Racer takes the Elise back to the absolute basics. Much of the standard equipment that has crept it’s way in to the Elise over the years is removed – although most can be added back on with the Comfort Pack – dropping weight by 24kg…
Elise – For 2011 the Elise range was revised with facelifted bodywork and the introduction of a new engine to the range.


Evora MY12 Updates– The revised MY12 updates to the Evora were aimed at improving areas that had received criticism – notably the gearshift and interior quality – along with adding additional equipment to the standard trim level and the new Premium Sport optional interior pack.The first deliveries of MY12 cars are expected to occur in the December 2011/January 2012 time frame.
Evora GTE – The hardcore Evora GTE gives the Evora a more aggressive look, which is matched by a 440bhp version of the 3.5l supercharged V6 and a more track focused suspension set-up…
Evora S – Introduced in September 2011, alongside the Evora IPS, the Evora S added a supercharger to the Evoras 2GR-FE engine, giving it a boost to 345bhp.
Evora IPS – Combining the Evora with Toyota’s U660E gearbox, the Evora IPS is the first automatic Lotus since the Excel SA.
Evora – The Evora, formerly known as Project Eagle, was the first entirely new car from Lotus since the Elise in 1996, and marked the return of to the 2+2 market.


Exige S (2012)– Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, the Exige S combines the nimble Elise chassis with the potent Supercharged V6 from the Evora S…The first dealer deliveries of the Exige S are anticipated for mid-to-late January 2012.
Exige R-GT – Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, the Exige R-GT is a version of the Exige S V6 designed to compete in the FIA GT tarmac rally series.
Exige S (2010) – The Exige S received a light facelift for the 2010 cars, with a new rear spoiler and front air intake design.


Elan (2015) – Originally cited to launch in 2013 with a V6 engine, the future of the Elan is now uncertain, with Lotus focusing instead on developing the Evora and bringing the New Era Esprit and Elite to market first.
Elite (2014) – The second of the ‘New Era’ cars due to arrive from Lotus, the Elite revives the name given to the original Lotus road car and shares the Esprits power V8 engine.
Esprit (2013) – The first of the ‘New Era’ cars due to arrive from Lotus, the new Esprit continues where the previous generation left off — with a powerful V8 engine and stunning looks.


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The Lotus Position – What Happening At Hethel? – It’s been a tough few months at Lotus, with the takeover of Proton by DRB-Hicom and the associated funding freeze slowing production to a crawl and pushing out the launch and development of future models like the Exige S, Evora GTE and the next generation Esprit. Further more the whole future of not just the 5-year plan set out by Dany Bahar in 2010, but Lotus as a whole, was thrown in to doubt as rumours began to build.
Site Focus: SELOC Forums – At the very heart of SELOC is the forums, one of the most active Lotus forums in the world, with an average of over a post every 66 seconds since the forum first opened in late 2002—fast approaching a total of 4.5 million posts from our near 20,000 members.Lotus ownership isn’t a requirement, with many past owners choosing to stick around and enjoy the community and plenty advice available for those looking to buy.
First Impressions of the Exige S V6It’s fair to say the new Exige S is one of the most eagerly awaited cars Lotus has produced in quite some time. Rumours of a full on, V6 engined, replacement for the S2 Exige have been swirling round for years and by the time of the cars announcement at Frankfurt in September this year there was a real buzz about the car.Over the last week Lotus have been running a selection of Preview Events with various UK dealerships, giving many people their first chance to see the new car up close and talk the their local dealers about the car.
Exige S (V6) Product News analysis– A copy of the Product News document circulated to dealers ahead of the Exige S’s unveiling in Frankfurt has shown up on the forum, shedding light on some of the details of Lotus’s much anticipated V6 engined sports car.We take a look at the details contained within, and what we can expect from the next generation Exige.
Speculating on the Elise SPS…While the Frankfurt Motor Show generated a lot of interest and excitement for the new V6 engined Exige S, supercharged Elise S, and the stunning Evora GTE, the other new addition to the Elise line up received relatively little attention…The Elise SPS is a new option available for the new entry level Elise and Elise CR, adding for the first time in the Elises history the option of a paddle shift gearbox to sit alongside the 1.6l 1ZR-FAE engine. But what’s the box that sits alongside it?
An Idiots Guide To Your First Track Day – Many people like the sound of taking their car on track, but find the idea of actually doing it for the first time somewhat daunting. It’s great fun and can be rather addictive, and it‘s amazing how capable our little cars are.The concern for many is that they‘ll damage their car out on track, but so long as you‘re sensible and well prepared it can be safer than road driving.
Sprinting – The Next Step on the Motorsport Ladder – Collectively known as Speed Events, Sprints and Hill climbs are essentially the same thing.The aim is to cover a measured tarmac course against the clock. Cars start separately but there can be a number of cars on the course at the same time, although there will obviously be a safe distance between each car. Courses use a standing start and a flying finish.
A Competitive Activity Day? – A Beginner’s Guide to Autosolos – It can be a daunting prospect taking your pride and joy off the public road on to a track for the first time, be it a track day or even making the leap into circuit racing. This can be especially concerning if this is your only vehicle which you rely on day in day out. So what options are open to you if you’d like a shot of motoring adrenaline?


Motorsport write-ups contributed by SELOC members.

2013 challenger features a number of mechanical improvementsMaidstone Sports Cars in 2013 – Ahead of this weekends opening round of the 2013 LoTRDC Elise Trophy and Lotus Cup UK season we took the opportunity to put a few questions to Andrew Marsh of Maidstone Sports Cars, who returned to the LoTRDC series in 2012 with their Honda powered S1 Exige.
Chris Randall and the Hofmann’s Lotus Europa – Chris Randall – or Randy as many know him – has been a long-standing member of the Lotus community, with experience not just in racing Lotuses but also in developing class leading race cars in his role as Director at Hofmann’s Motorsport – leading up to the creation of their Lotus Europa, which first raced in 2009. But what lured Chris towards Lotus cars?
Will’s List – Lotus F1 Testing in Barcelona – Late last year Will Gibney, a long term SELOC member, club Regional Liaison and former Lotus owner was diagnosed with Renal Call Carcinoma, an (as yet)incurable form of kidney cancer.This week, SELOC sent Will and his Dad to Barcelona to spend an afternoon with the Lotus F1 Team as they took part in pre-season testing ahead of the 2012 F1 season. Will has kindly allowed us to reproduce his write-up on the day.
 Two Seasons in the Elise Trophy – After four years of track days, and a couple of years of sprints I took the plunge and, last year at the age of 50 decided to enter the Elise Trophy.There are drivers who easily move from track days to racing, and are on the pace straight away. I’m not one of these people. So for me, and I believe for many others, this transition is a bit of a humbling experience.
Autumn Autosolo – October 2011 – Hosted by the Oxford Motor Club, the Autumn Autosolo was first run in 2008, with a move the Silverstone where it has been held since in 2009. I competed for the first time in this event back in May, when SELOC members were kindly invited to participate. I have to firstly say that I have nothing to compare this event to, but on both occasions, these events were run extremely well and efficiently.
Lotus Driving Academy – Level 1On the 4th of June I was lucky enough to take part in the Lotus Driving Academy Level 1. The weather couldn‟t have been any more perfect, beautiful clear blue skies and not a chance of any rain.The day started at 8am with 15 very excitable drivers (from all over the world!) sitting in the clubhouse going through the days briefing.
Bocardo Autosolo – May 2011 – I have tried my hand at track days over the last 10 years in a variety of different machinery but I‘ve always wanted to try some sort of competitive motorsport for real. Then I noticed a post from Keith (LoafingWafu) regarding sprints and when I read further I saw the details of the Bocardo Autosolo at Silverstone I knew it was something I had to try.

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