Elise S (2012)

Introduced in the Elise S at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, the use of the 2ZR-FE – which is not used in standard form by Lotus, and is instead combined with a Magnuson R900 supercharger (utilising Eaton TVS Technology) – sees the return of a true high performance Elise after the demise of the 2ZZ-GE due to emission regulations.

Compared to its predecessor, the 2ZR-FE is a lower revving engine with a redline of 7000rpm. It shares the 80.5mm bore of the 1ZR-FAE, but the stroke is increased to 88.3mm, giving a total capacity of 1797cc. Power remains the same as the Elise SC at 217bhp, but torque is increase from 154lb/ft at 5000rpm, to 184lb/ft delivered a little lower down the rev range at 4600rpm.

The first dealer deliveries of the Elise S are anticipated for mid-to-late January 2012.

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