Nitron SELOC Speed Championship 2013 Roundup

Xavier with NitronsOctober saw the culmination of the 2013 Championship which saw Xavier Brooke (Brooke Bond) crowned as the overall championship winner.  Xav has dominated the timesheets throughout the entire season which he has waged in his budget S1.  The prize this year, generously donated by Nitron, was a set of 46mm Race Pro shocks, which have already been supplied and fitted.

A huge amount of thanks must be paid to Nitron, in particularly Guy and Mark who made this championship progress and grow from our inaugural 2012 season.

This year we had 17 active competitors take part, competing over 14 rounds (with the best 7 counting) with only 7 points separating the top 3 – 25 points given for an event win.  It has proved incredibly close on points scored, but Xav having scored a maximum in 7 events was ultimately unbeatable!

IMG_1058This year also saw an even more eclectic mix of cars than last year with an even greater range of Toyota, Rover, Honda and Duratec engine vehicles lining up against each other.  Events on the track have been exciting with the few moment of high drama (I’ll hold my hand up here), but what has shone through is the great level of banter and comradery that has been present in the paddock throughout.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone that has contributed, supported, marshalled and competed and roll on 2014…. more of which in a minute.


Overall Winner – Prize – Nitron 46mm Race Pro
Xavier Brooke – Points 175

Class A – NA Factory Engined Cars
Winner – Jason Smith – Points 170.6
2nd – David Pollard (2012 Overall Champion) – Points 156.31
3rd – Gary Thwaites – Points – 155.42

Class B – Forced Induction Factory Engined Cars
Winner – David Saunders – Points 168.4

Class C – Engine Converted Cars
Winner – Russell Whitworth – Points 149.25

Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship 2014

Those that have been around the speed championship paddock this year would have seen that at times there were two like-minded groups of Lotus enthusiasts, some from SELOC and others from LoTRDC.  Both sets were well supported, but normally separated to different ends of a paddock, and it seemed slightly counter intuitive for this to continue when combining the paddocks and groups would lead to a very competitive and well supported series.

So over some cold autumn nights of October the discussions were held and an agreement reached that would see both sets of competitors running under one banner for 2014. Lotus Cars have also agreed to allow the use of their name for 2014 and the series will come under the gaze of their media and PR department.

Full details of the Championship are still yet to be finalised so please check the Motorsport forum for updates and add to the discussion here:

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