Site Updates

As you’ve likely already noticed, we’ve been making some changes to the SELOC website of recently.

Firstly we’ve given the main site a refresh, incorporating all the latest Lotus News and Articles from our newsletter. We’ll be keeping this up to date with all the going ons in the world of Lotus, along with useful articles, guides and features.
You can also receive Facebook updates whenever we update the site by ‘liking’ us on our new Facebook page.

We’ve also, by user request, added a Garage section to the forum. In here you can add your car, keep a log of it’s history, experiences and tales to share with other forum members. You can also keep the Garage comment free by checking the “Only allow me to add/edit posts on this thread, disallow other members.” option when creating the thread, or leave it open for people to have their say on your car.

Finally, for those who haven’t kept up with the latest round of Lotus announcements, we have a short roundup of the Frankfurt launches, along with the complete unveiling video.

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