Team LoTRDC 24Hrs Qualifying Update

The Team LoTRDC guys are currently out in Barcelona at the moment preparing for this weekends 24 hour race.

The guys have been doing a stellar job adapting to running the car on full slicks with an enhanced aero package, as well as coping with the heat and keeping people updated on their progress through their Facebook page.

They’ve now completed qualifying and will be lining up 50th on the grid for the race.

Storey got the qualifying time down another quarter of a second, to get into the 1:12 second bracket and 50th overall. A few hundredths were shaved off before he returned to the pit via the refuelling station, all work completed before the session officially ended. The early autumn sky turned to dusk in the final minutes, and as the final lap times were set, Team Elise Trophy’s starting position of 50 out of the 59 that attempted to qualify was confirmed, a very respectable performance indeed amongst a field that included Porsches and Lamborghinis.

You can read the full report on the LoTRDC website, or discuss the weekends race on our forum thread.

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