LRGP – Indian GP – Friday Roundup

F1 cars turned a wheel in anger in India for the first time today, with Practice for this weekends Indian GP.

LRGP – Indian GP – Practice 1 – Lotus Renault GP Report

Bruno Senna: R31-04 P13, 1:29.799, 22 laps
Vitaly Petrov: R31-06 P12, 1:29.705, 20 laps

LRGP – Indian GP – Practice 2 – Lotus Renault GP Report

Bruno Senna: R31-04, P8, 1:27.498, 36 laps
Vitaly Petrov: R31-06, P11, 1:27.890, 37 laps

LRGP – Bruno Senna – “It looks like the circuit could be an ally for our car”

Did you enjoy your maiden outing on this track?
BS: Yes, I really enjoyed today. Both LRGP cars were in the positions they should be and the track looks like it could be an ally for our car. We need to develop and extract more from the set-up, but we definitely have potential here.

LRGP – James Allison – “It has been a fun first day”

How well placed are we heading into the rest of the weekend?
JA: I do think we’re headed for a solid top ten qualifying performance and based on the race simulation work we did in the afternoon we seem to have reasonable pace for the race as well.

Discussion: Chapman Arms – Indian GP Practice

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