More Exige S V6 Information

We can’t wait for the new Exige S, so we’re very please that more information on the new V6 engined car has come to light, with further photos and the dealer Product News update document appearing on foreign sites.

First up, have pictures of one of the pre-production validation vehicles making a fuel stop. This is the same car which appeared in the development video and photographs on the Lotus mini-site.

Elsewhere have posted up a copy of the September Product News document distributed to Lotus dealers, giving more detail on the origins of various parts of the car – such as the exhaust, brake and lighting systems – along with renderings of the various interior configurations and our first hint of emission figures – 236g/km of CO2 – although presumably as with the performance data this is an unofficial figure. Weight is also quoted a little higher than expected at 1176kg.

To see our analysis of the document be sure to check out our thread in the forums

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