Region Updates

With a New Year, so comes a reshuffle of our Regions to encourage more meets and other events for SELOC members to enjoy.

Over the last year, JezmondTutu, Zee Comandant, Schnitzel (Sussex), Mark-L (Essex), Hairyduck (Eastern), Shades (Oxfordshire) and Merlin (South West) have left the Regional Liaisons line-up, and SELOC would like to thank for them for their hard work over the years.

A number of other members have stepped up to the plate, with Rob111s (Wales), Seedy and Paul W (Oxfordshire), thebaron and Thorburn (Wiltshire) and LoafingWafu (South West) all joining our Regional Liaison roster. GingerS1 has moved from Surrey but is kindly staying on as a Regional Liaison to share his considerable experience.

Elsewhere the Yorkshire region has been renamed to include Lincolnshire and we’re currently evaluating options for the Sussex region which has been left without a Regional Liaison. If you are interested in helping with the Sussex region or any others then please contact either LoafingWafu or Thorburn.

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