Lotus No Longer Paying For F1 Sponsorship?

Are Lotus no longer paying for sponsorship of the Lotus F1 Team? It would appear so!

In an interview on SpeedTV Lotus F1 Team Chairman, and Genii Group, boss Gerard Lopez stated the Group Lotus is no longer paying to sponsor the team in 2012.

But wasn’t the whole point of the name change the fact that Group Lotus would continue to pump in funds?

“No, they don’t have to,” says Lopez. “They were the title sponsor, and it’s actually been solved in a completely different way. They have and they don’t have to anymore, they’ve done what they have to do, to be very precise.”

The interview certainly makes interesting reading, with Lopez refusing to rule out the possibility of a takeover of Group Lotus in the future – something which would seem logical given that Lotus F1 Team are now essentially giving the company millions in advertising for free…

Source: SpeedTV – Season Of Possibilities For ‘Lotus’
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