New Exige S Posts Hethel Lap Time, Breaks With Tradition

For years Lotus have been carefully honing the art of producing cars precisely two seconds a lap quicker than their predecessors around the Hethel test track, so much so that it has become a running joke in the community.

It comes as a great surprise today then that Lotus have published the time for their new V6-engined Exige S on their Facebook page, and the result is a staggering 5-seconds a lap quicker than the previous generation Exige Cup 260. The new Exige S, tested in it’s optimum configuration with Race Pack, Pirelli Trofeo tyres, and with the Lotus DPM in Race Mode, set a time of 1m 32.68s, compared to the Yokohama A048 shod Cup 260s 1m 37.90s.

Source: Facebook – Lotus Cars
Discussion: SELOC Chat – Exige S – Hethel Lap Time


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