Sousa and Exige R-GT crash out of Madeira debut

Having only passed FIA homologation days before the event, Bernardo Sousa’s debut in the new Exige R-GT rally car in the Madeira round of the European Rally Championship was cut short on just the 3rd stage as electronic issues resulted in a crash which took the car out of the event.

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The impossibility of intervention on the Lotus R-GT chassis, in Madeira, didn’t allow the return of Bernardo Sousa to the rally, after an accident on SS3 – Chão da Lagoa 1.

This information was reported this afternoon to the press by Lotus Team Manager, Cláudio Berro, in a press conference at the teams service area. Bernardo Sousa and his co-driver Corrado Mancini were present.

Cláudio Berro justified the decision, remembering that the car’s chassis is aluminum made and this makes it impossible to be intervened by the engineers and mechanics the team brought to Madeira.

The team Manager promised another presence in a tarmac event in Europe next September. Bernardo Sousa considered this connection to Lotus the great opportunity in his international rally career and revealed that before this morning’s accident he had problems with the car’s electronics which reflected on the performance of the engine and gearbox.

According to the madeiran driver, the gearbox didn’t get into the gear he intended, and the wall became impossible to avoid. The driver took this chance to reinforce his will to contribute to the success of this Lotus project, considering he knows his responsibilities, and that he is an important part of a new project many believe.

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