Lotus Racing December brochure gives more information on Evora supercharger kit and Exige V6 Cup R

Lotus Racing December 2012 Brochure - Page 8At the start of the year Lotus Racing released details of their Evora GTN packages, a set of upgrades designed to convert road going Evoras in to racing going Evora GTN spec, including a supercharger kit for converting the standard normally aspirated Evora to Evora S spec.

Now the December update to the brochure is available on Issuu, providing more detail on what this kit contains of, pricing, exhaust options and an additional oil cooling kit.

The brochure also gives details on the Exige V6 Cup R, as driven last month by SELOC member ‘jokke_vlo. Full details of this and the Evora supercharger kit can be found below or in the brochure along with contact details for Lotus Racing sales.

Discussion: SELOC Chat – Lotus Racing December 2012 Brochure – Exige V6 Cup R and Evora Supercharger content

Evora Supercharger Kit

The GTN supercharger kit can be fitted to a manual gearbox and utilises all the components found on the standard Evora ‘S’ resulting in an increase of power and torque from 280 PS to 350 PS, and 350 Nm to 400 Nm respectively.

This kit is a motorsport specific item and therefore intended for use on private property and/or racing tracks only and is not intended for use on public roads. Please ensure you read the disclaimer below and understand the affect on warranty. All prices exclude vat, delivery and regional taxes.

It features the following:

  • Hi-flow fuel injectors and up-rated fuel pump
  • Replacement NGK spark plugs
  • Supercharger and belt to suit
  • Evora ‘S’ lightened flywheel
  • Up-rated clutch housing and plate
  • ECU remap (The ECU will require returning to Lotus Racing for the appropriate map update.)
  • Evora ‘S’ 2 into 1 exhaust downpipe
  • Evora ‘S’ rear under tray to increase gearbox cooling
  • Engine mount pads to reduce engine vibration/movement
  • All necessary fixings
  • Full fitting guide

Part No: ALS5E0148J Kit Price: £5,495

The are 2 available options in terms of silencer and catalyst pipes.

  • Standard Evora ‘S’ secondary pipe with catalyst and Evora ‘S’ silencer as fitted to the standard car

Part No: ALS5E0183J Kit Price: £945

  • Secondary de-cat pipe removing the catalyst and lightweight stainless steel sports exhaust with blue tipped titanium tailpipe trims. This is the recommended option to the reduction in weight and improved breathing.

Part No: ALS5E0184J

Exige V6 Cup R

The Lotus Exige V6 Cup R features as standard the following performance upgrades and safety equipment developed by Lotus Racing’s skilled engineers to provide a competitive package.

  • Bespoke ‘V6 Cup’ exterior detail & interior trim
  • T45 steel main roll hoop incorporating ‘A’ frame, harness bar & front FIA bolt-in cage
  • Motorsport specification carbon fibre rear wing
  • Lightweight louvered engine cover
  • Optional 6 speed sequential transmission with ‘paddle-shift’ operation, race tuned shift strategy
  • FIA FT3 70 litre capacity fuel cell
  • FIA approved fire suppression system
  • Internal & external battery isolator switches
  • FIA & HANS compliant carbon fibre drivers seat with 6 point harness
  • Race pack – competition slick tyres, 4 mode DPM, 2 piece brake discs
  • Multi adjustable competition specification suspension with front & rear anti roll bars
  • Removable quick release steering wheel
  • Baffled wet sump system with single rear mounted oil cooler
  • Front & rear towing eyes
  • Lotus Racing specific chassis number
  • Weight reduction of circa 100 kilos (Claimed weight reduction over standard S road model)
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