Mixed fortunes for Lotus’ in the Dubai 24hr

LoTRDC Sport 160 CrashedIt was a case of mixed fortunes for the Lotus entries in the 2013 Dubai 24hrs.

Team LoTRDC suffered heartbreak as their Elise Sport 160, veteran of numerous 24hr races along with countless Elise Trophy and Lotus Cup UK events at the hands of drivers such as Jake Humphrey and Andy Green, was written off after being hit from behind by a Porsche before making contact with the wall. Fortunately the driver was unharmed.

The second Team LoTRDC entry, a Duratec powered S1 Exige, also suffered a torrid time, with numerous visits to the pits due to a failing alternator bracket requiring running repairs. The bad luck didn’t end there, with more time lost due to a puncture and finally the time retiring with engine issues.

The Motionsport Honda powered Elise and Cor Euser Evora GT4 both fared rather better, with Motionsport taking 2nd place in the A5 class, while Cor Euser took victory in the SP3 Class and finished 13th overall.

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