Lotus Cars – Elise: Pure Lotus, Nothing Less

With the Exige getting a new engine, the Elise was feeling a little left out, so Lotus have given it one too, with the new Elise S – a replacement for the 2ZZ-GE powered Elise SC with a new 1.8l supercharged engine.

All Torque – Welcome the Elise S

Want more torque? Then the new Elise S is the answer to your prayers. The Elise S replaces the Elise SC with a new 1.8l super charged engine capable of delivering 220 PS and a power delivery which results in even more torque.

With the new engine and improved throttle response the Elise S gives an even more exhilarating and lively drive experience. The more efficient engine results in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than the outgoing Elise SC

That’s not all either, the entry Elise gets the option of the new SPS automated manual transmission.


All Action – Introducing the Elise with SPS (Serial Precision Shift) optionhttp://gallery.seloc.org/albums/userpics/35816/46130_100_5666_Elise-SPS-Steering-Wheel.jpg

This latest gearbox option available for the 1.6l Elise utilises new lightweight robotised automated manual transmission technology to allow the driver to switch between manual and automatic driving modes via paddles fixed to the steering column giving an even more direct connection with the road.

Available later this year, both the Elise S and the Elise SPS option showcase Lotus’ clever approach to increasing the pure driving experience through innovative use of lightweight technology.

You can read the rest here: http://www.lotuscars.com/news/en/elise-frankfurt

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