Elise S Engine Details

Details have emerged on the engine set to power the new supercharged MY12 Elise S.

The document explains the improvements to the new Elise S over the previous generation 2ZZ-GE powered Elise SC, which combines the Toyota 2ZR-FE engine with the new Magnuson R900 Supercharger.

Compared to the Elise SC the new Elise S promises a smoother power delivery, a near 20% increase in peak torque and equal peak power thanks to an increased boost pressure (0.8 bar), while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and meeting Euro 5 emission regulations. To help achieve this the Magnuson R900 Supercharger integrates the Supercharger, Intercooler and intake Manifold in to a single compact unit, reduce size and weight, and fit in the the same space as the intake manifold of the 1ZR-FAE engine fitted in the Elise 1.6. The Intercooler is a Water to Air, or charge cooler, system – harking back to the days of the Esprit Turbo SE – which sees water pumped to a front mounted water cooler to prevent the heat-soak issues which the supercharged 2ZZ-GE engines could sometimes be affected by in warmer climates.

The supercharger also features a bypass system which is activated at idle and under light load to improve fuel economy and reduce noise.

You can find the full presentation in the gallery below, and let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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