Event Focus – Autosolo – Silverstone – Oxford Motor Club – 23rd.Oct.11

Autosolos are a great first, low cost and low risk, step in to motorsport, and the Oxford Motor Club has been kind enough to extend us an invitation to their next event, being held at Silverstone on October 23rd.

Autosolos are similar to the circuits in the popular SELOC Activity Days, with drivers competing to set the fastest time around a series of coned circuit.

Competitor take turns to prepare, drive and marshal, helping to keep the costs low and ensuring they’re rarely left twiddling their thumbs and waiting for something to do.

Because of the low speeds involved, no special safety equipment is required. Cars simply just have to have valid tax, MOT and insurance, and to be driven to the event. Some tyres found on the MSA List 1B, such as Toyo R888’s and Yokohama A048’s are however forbidden.

The event costs £36 to enter, you can find more details on how to enter in our forum thread, or visit our website to read our Beginners Guide and a report on the previous Bocardo Autosolo.

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