Event Focus – Lotus-on-Track Goodwood Track Day, Saturday December 10th

Lotus on Track are hosting their final UK track day of the year on Saturday the 10th of December on the classic Goodwood Circuit in Sussex, and there are just 4 places still remaining.

Goodwood is near unique amongst circuits in that it’s layout remains untouched since the golden age of motorsport in the 1950’s and 60’s, allowing drivers to tackle the same course which has been graced by motorsport legends such as Graham Hill, Jim Clark and Stirling Moss.

Lotus on Track run the day as a semi-open pitlane event, with just 10 cars on track at a time. Drivers should be aware that Goodwood has strict noise limits, with a 98dB static test and 96dB drive-by detectors.

The day is priced at £165 and can be booked through the Lotus on Track site.

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