Exige S Mini-Site Updated, Gives Credibility To 0-100mph Claims

Lotus have updated the Exige S Mini-site with more owners cars and a new development video showing the car undergoing on the test track at Hethel.

Interestingly the video shows a standing start with the car being run to the redline in the first three gears, so we decided to try and work out the 0-100mph recorded in the video as some people have been doubting the sub-8s claims for the car.

Working from the data in the TechWiki the Evora S would be pulling 102.02mph at the 7000rpm ‘sport’ redline in 3rd gear.

The Exige S has the same EA60 gearbox with Sports ratios, but the tyre sizes are different (255/35/19 on the rear for the Evora, 265/45/18 on the rear for the Exige), meaning that the speed at 7000rpm in 3rd would actually be 107.36mph.

Timing on a trusty stopwatch it takes a fraction over 8 seconds from dropping the clutch to the driver pulling 4th gear, so looks like the car is managing (or at least is very close to) the projected 7.9s to 100mph.

Discussion: SELOC Chat – Exige S Mini-site updated – 0-100mph content

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