Exige S Deliveries to Begin September

After numerous delays it appears the customer deliveries of the new V6 engined Exige S are expected to begin in September, with Lotus focusing on building the first run of Elise S’ while the Exige S supply chain is ramped up following the funding freeze put in place after the DRB-Hicom takeover of Proton.

This news looks to be something of a setback for the 350 purported customers with pre-orders for the hotly anticipated new model, particularly those who were hoping to be able to enjoy the car over the summer here in the UK.

It’s not all bad news however, with another Exige S roadshow planned in the next month or so with one of the press fleet set to tour the dealers, giving those who are holding out to drive the car before placing their order the chance to get some time behind the wheel.

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