New suspension options for Elise owners

EliseParts BilsteinsElise owners looking to refresh or upgrade their suspension are in luck this month, with a pair of new options just announced.

First of all some great news for those looking to keep it OEM. Bilstein dampers have been in short supply of late, with many looking to replace a leaky shock finding themselves waiting for back-ordered parts, so EliseParts have worked with Bilstein to get a replacement with valving ‘very close’ to the OEM specification and available as individual shocks for K-series Elises, or a complete upgrade set for the S1.

Nitron Street Series 2For those who’ve bemoaned the discontinuation of the Nitron Street Series range there is good news as well, with the company introducing the new Street Series 2 dampers.

The Nitron Street Series 2 range is available for K-series S1 and S2 Elises, Toyota engined S2 Elises and Exiges and the VX220 and features updated internals, including revised valving, and a new colour scheme, and is available from Seriously Lotus.

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Discussion: Product News – Nitron Street Series 2

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