VIDEO: From C63 to Sport 350, A Lotus Convert’s Story

Hello everyone,

The powers that be here at SELOC have invited me to share with you some of the videos from my channel. Each week I want to highlight some content, new or old, with the hope it will provide a good basis for discussion.

I’d like to start with this video. My friend Stephen had a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and despite loving the car, felt that it wasn’t what he really wanted. Thus began a search to try and find something that felt faster, more special and was capable of going on track without costing a fortune.

We arrived at the Exige Sport 350 – quite a change I’m sure you’ll agree! So I’d like to know what else forum members were driving before their first Lotus, did you make a similar change or was it a more gradual discussion?

Join in the conversation here:

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