Below are just some of the upcoming events SELOC members have organised and are looking forward to attending.

If you're already a member you can see details of all SELOC events

member events

Thu 28th Sep 17 September Sussex Pub Meet The Gardeners Arms, Ardingly, United Kingdom
Sat 7th Oct 17 Thatcham Classic 2017 Oct the 7th Dunstan Green, Thatcham, Berkshire - Sat Nav RG18 4JS
Wed 11th Oct 17 Central Southern Pub Meet October 11/11/17 7.00pm The Mayfly, Chilbolton, Stockbridge, United Kingdom
Sat 11th Nov 17 PSN and XBL Gamertags cloud
Thu 19th Apr 18 Jim Clark Revival (50th anniversary) Hockenheim, Germany
Sat 12th May 18 Seloc do the Monaco Classic Monaco
Thu 26th Jul 18 The 2018 Great Seloc Tent-Off (French Stlye) 22570 LescouŽt-Gouarec, France
Fri 22nd May 20 Project Cars (Game) Users ONLINE

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