Lotus Cars – Don’t Try This At Home

Owning a Lotus is one thing, but really being able to drive it is quite another.

For those looking how to learn how to make the most of their car there are many options, including the excellent Car Limits, as well as Lotus’s own Lotus Driving Academy.

This has recently been revamped to take advantage of the revised Hethel circuit, with a new license scheme taking people from an introductory day in the Elise, up to being able to try out the incredible Evora GT4 race car.

Ever wondered what makes a great driver really great?  People often ask us what the secret is to maintaining oversteer, negotiating a slalom or mastering ‘heel & toe’.  The answer: track time and expert training.

Complete with a newly refurbished Lotus Test track and new Chief Instructor in the form of former Lotus F1 driver, Martin Donnelly, the Lotus Driving Academy (LDA) opens its doors for the autumn term with a brand new syllabus and the ‘Lotus Licence’.

You can read the full article on the Lotus Cars website, find out more about the Lotus Driving Academy along with pricing and available date, and what SELOC member Andibrook thought when he gave it a go.

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