Elise S Review Day – Review Roundup

Following on from last weeks pieces on the Exige S it’s now time for the Elise to get some attention. So now the reviews are starting to trickle through for the latest Elise, the 2ZR-FE engined Elise S, which replaces the Elise SC which was killed off last year as the engine did not meet Euro V emission regulations.

The new engine delivers the same 217bhp as the previous generation supercharged Elise, but thanks to it’s Magnuson built Eaton R900 TVS supercharger with integrated charge-cooling, torque is increased to 184lb/ft, while emissions and fuel consumption are improved to 175g/km CO2 and 37.5mpg respectively.

PistonHeads – Driven: Elise S

Discussion: SELOC Chat – Elise S Reviews Thread

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