Arty Amen Evora on show in Munich

Like the Evora but find yourself bemoaning it’s severe lack of footwear branding and matching trainers? Then you might want to take a trip over to Munich as we’ve found just the thing for you!

German retailer Amen, in collaboration with Nike and artist Paul Snowden, have created this ‘artist edition’ car as centre piece for their Munich store, along with a matching pair of Nike iD Lunar Glide + 3 trainers.

You can find out more in the full press release and gallery below.

Source: Being Hunted – Lotus Amen/Evora by Paul Snowden
Discussion: SELOC Chat -Amen Evora

December 2011 saw the launch of the Lotus Evora Project by Munich-based creative agency Full Contact.

In the early 1990s creatives in New York, London and Tokyo were paving the way for young artists to cross over from the established gallery/art circles into the fields of product design. Whether it’d be clothing or home-ware, beverages or cosmetics, artist series and collaborations have become common elements in today’s retail world. A bit too common, maybe…

For the launch of their new playgroundin Munich, Germany, and slightly bored with mediocre colabs and the retro-trend that still dominates car design and sneaker cosmos, Full Contact invited artist Paul Snowden together with local sneaker heads AMEN Store, to really mix things up: a high octane car and a performance running shoe – The new Lotus Evora and the Nike iD Lunar Glide + 3.

Paul Snowden created a vehicle which – in contrast to many highly non-public/virtual-only “artist editions” – will surprise its audience by being visible, accessible and actually being ‘in use’. With a close connection to Munich’s premium sneaker retailer AMEN, Snowden morphed the Lotus Evora’s shell into a highspeed projection of the store’s logo (also designed by Snowden) with a dazzling effect. AMEN in return remixed one of Nike’s most recent performance highlights to match the aesthetics of the car: 25 pairs of of the Nike iD Lunar Glide + 3 Amen/Evora were given to friends, family and special guests at the launch event in Munich.

Watch out for Lotus Amen/Evora showcases and test drives across Europe during some of the highlights in fashion, design, art and athletics in the first quarter of 2012.

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