Lotus to Launch Exige S Convertible at Geneva

Bad news for those anticipating the revealing of an Evora Convertible at the Geneva Motor Show after Lotus’s teaser last week, as sources have indicated that the announcement next month will instead be of a convertible version of the yet to be released V6-engined Exige.

The convertible Exige will share the same bodywork as the already announced Exige S, but with the rear spoiler removed and a fabric soft top as used on the current generation Elise fitted. Due to limitations imposed by the roofs fixing method the top speed will be limited to 155mph, down from over 170mph for the hard top model.

The introduction of the model is likely made possible by the lack of a roof scoop, used by the previous generation Exige S to provide air to the superchargers intercooler, and is backed up by spy shots taken last year of the car in testing near the Nurburgring both with and without the hardtop cars rear spoiler.

Along with the Exige S Convertible, Lotus are expected to unveil a special F1 themed edition of the Evora GTE – perhaps similar to that already seen at the Autosport International show in January

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