Exige S Roadster Shows Up On Asphalte.ch

Last week we broke news that Lotus’ Geneva teaser was not, as many believe for the Evora, but for a convertible version of the new Exige S, named the Exige S Roadster.

Today Asphalte.ch have confirmed this, with shots of the car being prepared for it’s unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

As we previously posted, the car features the same basic bodywork as the coupe, but is supplied with the Elise soft-top and lacking the Exiges traditional rear spoiler. The show car also features the same wheel design as the coupe, but in a previously unseen silver finish.

Performance figures are yet to be confirmed, but the canvas roof necessitates the car is limited to 155mph, down from over 170mph for the hard top model.

Source: Asphalte.ch – Genève 2012: Lotus Exige S Roadster
Discussion: SELOC Chat – Lotus Exige Roadster

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