New additions to the SELOC Shop

Just in time for Christmas, the SELOC Shop has just been updated with a new range of SELOC club hats, along with our redesigned polo shirt and the 2018 SELOC Calendar.

Not only that, but we’re also pleased to offer Coterie Press’ excellent book, Lotus the Marque, for a SELOC special discount price of £39.95 including UK shipping.

Stock on all these items is limited, so be sure to check them out and order soon to avoid disappointment.

Don’t forget as well, the SELOC Slogan, and Sensible, mugs are still available – the perfect way to enjoy your finely crafted artisan coffee.

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Race of Remembrance

“We will be back next year and we will win.”

That defiant assertion is issued by an exhausted Dan Jude whose Lotus Exige has just staggered across the finish line at Anglesey after a torrid weekend of endurance racing in the bleakest corner of North Wales.

Race of Remembrance has rapidly ascended to a position as one of the crown jewels of the British club racing calendar. This year represents its fourth running, growing in length from nine hours to 12. The event features a full grid of production sports and saloon cars ranged against the elements, each other and a circuit which features lethal  fast corners as well as big braking zones into slow hairpins. It’s an unprecedented challenge – even the hardy spectators require significant endurance as bitter winds and rain batter the circuit from the Irish Sea.

The event is organised by Mission Motorsport, a charity which helps the rehabilitation of injured service personnel through the motorsport and wider motoring industries. The centrepiece of the weekend is the aggregate endurance race which is split over Saturday and Sunday. Racing kicks off at 3pm, running into the night with the flag falling at 9pm. At 9am on Sunday it recommences with a rolling start; running until 3.30pm. A pause at 10.45am is given to the moving remembrance service from which the race takes its name. Continue reading

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Lotus expand Evora GT430 line-up with GT430 Sport


Lotus Evora GT430 SportIf you loved the sound of the GT430, but hated the spoiler and splitter, then good news! The Evora GT430 Sport has been announced.

Dropping £8k from the asking the price whilst ditching the aero accessories (along with 10kg of weight) and bring the top-speed up to 196mph, the GT430 Sport does still retain the 430bhp derivative of the 2GR-FE engine, Öhlins TTX suspension and extensive use of carbon fibre and titanium components.

Despite the reduction in price however the GT430 Sport still comes in at over the £100k mark, starting at £104,500 before options…

Find out more in our forum thread, or read the full press release, option and price list below…  Continue reading

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Lotus Cars – Lotus delivers radical financial turnaround

Lotus latest press release lauds financial improvements, with profits before tax for the second half of 2016/17 and predictions of a profitable 2017/18.

Discussion: SELOC Forum – SELOC Chat

  • Profit Before Tax improvement of £10m in second half of FY 2016/17
  • Positive EBITDA of £2m for FY 2016/17 (up £18.2m)
  • Sales up 57% in mainland Europe and six-fold sales growth in North America
  • Lotus is now self-sufficient and sustainable, and on target for full year Profit Before Tax for FY 2017/18

Marking a major milestone in the history of Lotus Group International Limited (LGIL), the company finishes the financial year 2016/17 on plan. Lotus closed the year with positive EBITDA of £2.0m, a major achievement compared to 2015/16 where a £16.3m EBITDA loss was recorded.

Continue reading

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One year with an Evora 400

I collected my brand new Evora 400 last year. 13 months later I shot this video, detailing my thoughts and feelings about the car. I’m still in love with it, but the ride has not been easy.

Discuss this video here:

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Lotus Driving Academy re-opens at Hethel

Lotus are re-opening their popular Lotus Driving Academy, offering customers the opportunity to develop their driving abilities on the companies renowned Hethel test track.

The revised courses see the reintroduction of the popular entry “Scare Yourself Sensible” experience, among others.

Discussion: SELOC Forums – SELOC Chat – Lotus Driving Academy

Drivers seeking the opportunity to experience the latest Lotus sports cars at the famed manufacturer’s facility in Norfolk, will now have the chance, with the opening of the new Lotus Driving Academy in August 2017.

From as little as £119 for the entry level experience, right through to the intensive ‘Gold’ course at £899, the Lotus Driving Academy offers a range of experiences suitable for anyone looking for a more involving and informative track session that will enhance and hone their driving skills. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Clive Chapman Talks About Classic Team Lotus

Anyone who goes to Hethel will know than an essential part of any visit is a tour of the Classic Team Lotus facilities. Later this year, they will be moving into a much larger and more modern purpose-built premises, but for the past 20 years they have been working from a series of small buildings left over from the site’s WWII heritage.

Last year I had the chance to sit down with the head of Classic Team Lotus, Clive Chapman (son of Colin) and talk to him about the challenges of maintaining a fleet of heritage racing vehicles.

What’s your favourite classic racing Lotus?

Join the discussion here:

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VIDEO: From C63 to Sport 350, A Lotus Convert’s Story

Hello everyone,

The powers that be here at SELOC have invited me to share with you some of the videos from my channel. Each week I want to highlight some content, new or old, with the hope it will provide a good basis for discussion.

I’d like to start with this video. My friend Stephen had a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and despite loving the car, felt that it wasn’t what he really wanted. Thus began a search to try and find something that felt faster, more special and was capable of going on track without costing a fortune.

We arrived at the Exige Sport 350 – quite a change I’m sure you’ll agree! So I’d like to know what else forum members were driving before their first Lotus, did you make a similar change or was it a more gradual discussion?

Join in the conversation here:

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Maidstone Sports Cars Become Official Lotus Heritage Repairer

For years Maidstone Sports Cars have been popular with enthusiasts offering servicing and Honda engine conversions. Now, following the decision by Lipscomb Group not to renew their Lotus Dealership, they joined the Lotus family as a  Lotus Heritage Repairer.

Maidstone Sports Cars have been officially appointed Kent’s only Lotus Heritage Repairer.

After news broke that the Lipscomb Group would not be renewing their Lotus Dealership, MSC have been chosen to maintain an official Lotus Heritage Repairer in Kent. The transfer has already begun, ensuring there is no disruption to the Lotus Owner.

Our technicians have received the latest Lotus training from the Hethel factory, bringing us up to date on the current Elise, Exige & Evora Range.

What does this mean for Lotus Owners? MSC now have access to the latest Lotus diagnostics and technical data, along with a better discount on Genuine Lotus Parts. We will also not be increasing our labour rate or fixed price service costs. MSC aim to provide main dealer service at independent specialist prices.

This is an exciting new venture for MSC and we look forward to working with Lotus Cars and the Lotus community

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Lotus Cars: Lotus: The speed of #LightisRight

Lotus showed the latest entries to their product range at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016 this week, with the new 3-Eleven, and lighter, more powerful Elise Cup 250, Evora Sport 410 and Exige Sport 350 Roadster models on display.

Elise Cup 250The Elise Cup 250 builds upon the foundations of the existing Elise Cup 220 model, but boosts power to a new high a factory Elise model at 243bhp.

Along with this power increase it also brings a new Carbon Fibre Aero Pack to the option list, which helps shed another 10kg, and helps make this the fastest ever road going Elise, with a 0-60mph time of just 3.9s and producing 66kg of downforce at 100mph.

Evora Sport 410Based upon the Evora 400 released last year, the Evora Sport 410 also follows the same philosophy of reducing weight and increasing power, with a modest increase to 410bhp more than matched by a hefty 70kg weight saving compared to the already lighter Evora 400.

To achieve this the Evora Sport 410 takes a significantly more hardcore approach, and will surely satisfy those who want a road racer in the vein of the Exige with the comparative ease of access of the revised Evora chassis.

That 70kg weight saving is achieved by extensive use of carbon fibre as standard, with the front splitter, front access panel, roof panel, tailgate, rear diffuser and seats made from the light weight material.

Exige Sport 350 RoadsterFinally the Exige Sport 350 Roadster was unveiled at the show, bringing the improvements and weight reduction of the coupe model across to the Roadster, along with some new options as well.

The car debuted with the optional Carbon Aero Pack, which adds carbon fibre front splitter, rear wing and rear diffuser, however as standard the car should be available without these additions. Even so other lightweight options can finally help the Exige Sport 350 Roadster dip under the 1100kg mark, and allow it to complete clock a 0-60mph time of just 3.7s.

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