Hangar 111 shows off updated Supercharged K-series

Hangar 111 have updated their development blog with news on their K-series supercharger kit.

No details on the pricing as of yet, expect this early next year according to the post, but 260bhp from a VVC engine with the 7000rpm rev limit in place means this looks like an interesting alternative for those considering Honda, Audi or Duratec engine conversion.

The story of the development is a lengthy one!  Put simply – after Turbo Technics had discontinued their TT190/215/230 Supersport SC kits we were approached by several customers running cars with these kits and asked to refurbish them.  On several occasions this job was completed by TT, but with the caveat that there would no longer be sufficient parts stock to continue refurbishing the chargers into the future.  Cue our interest in the K-Series Supercharger concept.

Source: Hangar 111 – K-Series Supercharger Update
Discussion: SELOC Chat – Hangar 111 K-series Supercharger

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