Full Details on the Hangar 111 Rover Supercharger Kit

Following on from news a couple weeks ago of the new K-series supercharger kit in development, Hangar 111 have announced full details of the Rover Supercharger Kits they have been developing.

The power output of the kit can range from 190bhp up to 260bhp depending on engine build and specification, with prices starting at £5,665 (ex. VAT) for the supercharger in kit form, with a range of options for the engine build itself, up to £11,665 (ex. VAT) for a fully built 260bhp spec engine installed and mapped in to a non-VVC Elise.

Hangar 111 are also offering upgrade kits for owners of existing Turbo Technics conversions, with prices on request.

Source: Hangar 111 – Rover K-series Supercharger Kits
Discussion: SELOC Chat – Hangar 111 K-series Supercharger

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